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Chanel Bragg

                 Actress. Singer. Aggressive Mover. Educator. Activist.




Chanel Bragg is a passionate advocate for diversity within the Arizona Fine Arts Scene. Her endeavor to bridge diverse relations within the theatre community started in 2009. The Soul of Broadway, Co-founded by both her and her brother, built strong relationships with neighboring theatre's showcasing local African American talent, and thus increasing the demographic of minorities not only present in attendance, but being cast in shows as well. The Soul of Broadway laid a significant foundation for a stronger presence of diversity within our Fine Arts Community. However, there was still a greater need to help all marginalized actors and actresses looking for inclusion.


The United Colours of Arizona Theatre was founded in 2017 to create a forum for Actors and Actresses of color to not only have access to general postings for jobs, but also a resource for audition workshops, dance symposiums, vocal direction, and so much more.


As a teaching artist, Chanel has influenced our talented youth at several theaters as both a director and a vocal coach. The summer of 2017, Chanel began working with Free Arts for Abused Children of AZ, an organization centered around helping children heal through the use of spoken word, dance theater, and art. Chanel is a proud Equity Membership Candidate, and her favorite roles include: Effie in Dream Girls, Dorothy in The Wiz,  Medda Larkin in Newsies, Joanne in Rent, Ruth in A Raisin in the Sun, and many more. Chanel is a supporting vocalist in Phoenix Afro Beat Orchestra.




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